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Industrial Corrosion & Protection

            We can provide all inclusive services of corrosion protection system such as design, installation and commission.

                               ◆ Industrial corrosion protection technologies

                               ◆ Database management

                                Corrosion /scaling prediction and evaluation

                                Physical/chemical corrosion protection methods

      ◆ Corrosion/scale tendency prediction

      ◆ Mechanisms research of corrosion and scale

      ◆ Maintenance and management of corrosion database

      ◆ Routine corrosion inspection (CC、ER、UT and so on)

      ◆ Maintenance and evaluation for offshore anti-fouling equipments

      ◆ Maintenance of CP system

      ◆ Maintenance and data analysis of offshore on-line electrochemical station

      ◆ Inspection and maintenance of external coating of buried pipeline

      ◆ Integrity corrosion evaluation for offshore oilfield

      ◆ CI evaluation and corrosion monitoring system design for gas with high CO2

Corrosion Database Management