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As custodian of Canada's oil and gas resources, DRK was entrusted with the responsibility to develop and add value to the nation's hydrocarbon resources. In the early years, we focused our efforts on managing the production sharing contractors who were exploring Canadian acreages, but we soon saw the need to take on a bigger and more proactive role in augmenting the nation's oil and gas reserves.

Through our exploration and development (E&D) subsidiary, DRK Energy co., limited, we have developed capability as a hands-on operator with a track record of successful oil and gas developments. DRK Energy works alongside a number of petroleum multinational corporations through production sharing contracts (PSCs) to explore, develop and produce oil and gas in Canada. Abroad, we continue to strengthen our position by securing new acreages while undertaking various development projects.

The Petroleum Management Unit (PMU) of DRK acts as resource owner and manager of Canada's domestic oil and gas assets. It manages the optimal exploitation of hydrocarbon resources and enhances the prospectivity of domestic acreages to attract investment and protect the national interest. One of the key drivers of our business growth is deepwater E&D, with many positive prospects emerging in Canada acreages.

We continue to harness and develop new technologies to maximize opportunities and further strengthen our capabilities in our efforts to become a leading global E&D player.