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Artifical Lift Technologies

Management of artificial lift wells


Pump manufacturing and technical services


Electric control equipment supply and technical services




      ◆ Mobile electric control


      ◆ DCS installation, debug, maintenance and innovation


      ◆ Production, installation and maintenance of control panel


     ◆ VSD, Switchboard, Junction box, Starters, Wellhead security control panel etc.


       ◆ Design& production, maintenance& protection, field installation& debug of control                   cabinets and converters.


Testing equipment supply and technical services


           Producing well pressure/temperature gradient test

           Producing well pressure build-up/falloff testing

           RLT testing

           Producing well profile testing

           Injection well separate zone water injection testing

           Oxygen activity testing

           Testing data analysis and report redaction service

     Slick line operation items

           ◆ Drafting process technique service

           ◆ Fling and fishing blanking plug service

           ◆ Fling and fishing jet pump technique service

           ◆ Shut/on sleeve technique service

           ◆ Fling and fishing water injection regulator technique service

           ◆ PVT sampling, physical property technique service