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Brief Introduction

DRK Energy Limited is a comprehensive energy Group of Companies and founded in 1995. It grows up both in Canada and China since its establishment, the initial primary business covered chemical engineering services and oilfield investments. With business integration and asset acquisition, construction, technical services, chemical engineering and oilfield development as the core of the four major business divisions. The Group's business territorial is gradually expanding from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region and South America. DRK Group owns a chemical research and development center and an oilfield under production in Canada. International operation headquartered in UAE which covers Africa, South America, Middle East and Central Asia operations. The Group Taxation center is in Hong Kong.

DRK Soltey Energies Inc is the newly established subsidiary of DRK Service Group, specially incorporated for energy development project in the region of Southeast Asia, West Africa, South America, etc.

Group's four business division including:

     Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commission: 

     An engineering management team with 110 members for oilfield surface facility constructions (EPC) and oilfield automa-tion services in Mid & North Africa, Middle East and China. EPC business executed by newly acquisition of company.

     Technical Service Segment: 

     A technical service team with 150 members operates in Canada, China, Middle East and Central Asia for workover, well stimulation, well testing and enhanced oil recovery technical services. A sand screen equipments factory is operating in China.

     Chemical Engineering Segment: 

     A chemical engineering team with 70 members operates a R & D Center in Canada. A Chemical Plant in Dalian, China, provides fine chemical and petrochemical products and services in China, Middle East and Central Asia.

     Oilfield Investment Segment: 

     A management team with 30 members operates the development and production for self-owned oilfield in Canada, the production rate is 3000 barrels per day.

The headquarters of the corporate are located in Beijing, China and Toronto, Canada with 65 employees. The corporate has 350 employees worldwide and total revenue of 318 million US dollars.